Welcome, Cakemates!Edit

Welcome to our phantasmagorical wikia! On this wiki, we post pages that generally involve the information of the Royal Diamond Lobby lore. But, that's not all. Here, we have other pages regarding the Jack Fandom and such! Stick around for more lore-filled pages and even more awesome stuff that'll come!

More about our wiki!Edit

Our wiki mostly has pages that regard the inside lore of the Royal Diamond Lobby Lore, which is basically just a role-play type of history for the Minecraftian world. Keep in mind, most things on here (e.g that Earth is only 1/4 of Minecraftia's planetary structure) are not actually canon. These pages, like many other lore, only exist inside of our server and anything else that has to do with it. So, to put it simply, we post a lot of stuff on here that's in a historical type of way that correlates to our server's folklore. Enjoy!

If you want to join our server, its I.P address is:


Have fun!

Latest activityEdit

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